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Social Media Marketing Trends For Small Business 2021

As you probably already know, social media is a big thing in today's digital landscape!

And this is precisely why more brands than ever are jumping onto social media to help promote themselves to the world.

Facebook alone has some 1.9 billion active monthly users, whereas other platforms like Twitter and Instagram have millions more to add to the equation!

In other words, if you want your small business to succeed, you must take the time to learn about any upcoming trends that we're seeing in the world of social media. Below, we take a look at a few up-and-coming trends that you're sure to see in 2021.

Video Marketing

One of the biggest things to understand about marketing your brand on social media is that consumers LOVE videos! So whether you're creating instructional how-to videos, customer testimonials videos, or brand introduction videos, it's essential to realize that video is the number one format people use to consume information in today's day and age.

Why? Simply put, it's because watching a video requires less effort and less concentration than reading lengthy blog posts or articles. So if you want your brand to succeed in 2021, make sure that you're creating videos to help impact your target audience.

Just make sure to add your business logo to your videos to make your brand even more recognizable. Use Logo Creator for free here:

Live Events

Similar to video marketing, Live Events are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, a big part of this trend is because individuals can no longer go to in-person events due to social distancing measures during the pandemic. In turn, we've seen in-person business meetings and conferences turn into Zoom meetings, and live concerts or shows turn into live streams.

Either way, whether you're a small at-home business or a more considerable corporation, it's expected that live streams will continue to gain popularity throughout 2021.

Stories Are Important

Who hasn't watched a Story or two on Facebook or Instagram? Twitter has even recently gotten onboard by adding a Story feature to their platform. Stories are short video or image segments, which can be posted to your account, but that only remain visible usually for a maximum of 24 hours before disappearing. Stories are expected to continue to remain popular in 2021. And when you consider the fact that brands with relatively smaller audiences can reach up to 9% more of their followers using stories, why wouldn't you want to start posting content using this up-and-coming content format.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality is one of the most innovative technological advances expected to hit the markets in 2021.

However, even more readily available is the use of Augmented Reality or AR in social media.

One great example of AR is the fun, interactive filters, such as those seen on Snapchat and Facebook.

But the best part of AR is that, unlike Virtual Reality, it doesn't require the use of any additional hardware. All your users need is a smart device and a camera. Augmented Reality experiences are fun, interactive, and highly engaging, making them one of the top trends to look out for in 2021. As this technology continues to develop, we expect to see increasing brands adopting AR tools, apps, and features to create an even more immersive social media marketing experience than ever before!

Upcoming Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

Whether you're looking to get more followers, sell more profits, or simply generate more engagement with your existing followers, ensuring that your brand is aware of the hottest social media marketing trends is sure to help!

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